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Dose of Reality: Rape Prevention Tips Upset Men

Comedian Sarah Silverman recently tweeted a sassy list of tips to help prevent rape. Telegraph details the list and discusses why men are now feeling so victimized: As rape prevention tips go, these are pretty unique. Why? They’re not targeted at the potential victim. Examples include: ‘Carry a rape whistle. If you find that you …
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NYMM: NFL Offseason Update

The NFL offseason is still rolling after a hot start. All of the news and player movement should make for an interesting 2015 campaign. Here is the scoop on the latest news from around the league. Pittsburgh has re-signed wide receiver Darrius Hayward-Bey to a one-year deal. Hayward-Bey made an impact as a special team …
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NYMM: Fashion

Moving Back to Front and Forward I believe the 1990’s rap duo Kriss Kross was on to more than music. They had a good idea on how fashion can work if you just think outside of the box. Their name wasn’t the only thing crossed. Just hear me out… Some things are meant to be …
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NYMM: The Vent

Lil Wayne allegedly sent his security to handle a fan who was displaying a message he didn’t like, and the security guard punched the fan. Being punched repeatedly in the face is what listening to Lil Wayne’s music feels like, so I guess it fits. A trailer for the new Mission Impossible film was released. …
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NYMM: Greed is Good

The Wolf of Wall Street – Review The Wolf of Wall Street is the type of movie you don’t wanna bring home to mom. It’s got everything your parents warned you about: greed, deception, crime, sex, drugs, and violence, none of it mutually exclusive. And with a running time of 180 minutes, there’s time for …
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NYMM: Fastball Shows You the Way

Leave it to the band Fastball to take a news story about an older couple who head out to a festival, only to disappear and be found dead two weeks later, into a hit song. Lead singer Tony Scalzo wanted a happier ending for what happened to the couple in the summer of 1997 so …
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NYMM: Hide Away at Ciccio

Well, for all you students out there, you probably know that we are in the heart of spring break. Sure, different schools choose different weeks; however, the month of March tends to be “spring break month.” Plus, for all of you Snapchat users, there’s been a month long “story” exposing bikinis, booze, and scenes I …
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NYMM: Hot & Cold Teams Playoff Bound

In the final stretch of the NBA regular season, teams around the league are looking to start catching fire when it comes to their chemistry on the court and their momentum heading into the playoffs – the teams that are included, of course.  We are currently in the aforementioned final stretch of the NBA regular …
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