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Dose of Reality: Girl Power

When a few young girls started a business in Ghana to help their country produce more of its own goods, they were expecting encouragement and enthusiasm—but instead, they were met with skepticism and sexism. No matter—their business is flourishing six years after it was created, and these girls are showing no sign of slowing down.  …
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NYMM: Shut Up and Dance

When a band comes out to the opening song of The Lion King with face paint and splashes of color in their hair, you know you’re in for an interesting night. Walk the Moon is an indie pop band from Cincinnati, OH. I went to their sold out Talking Is Hard Tour at Terminal 5 …
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NYMM: Rolling the Highball

There are a plethora of photo-sharing apps, messaging apps, social-networking apps. However, the abundance of different features sometimes makes those apps difficult to organize and navigate. What if your focus is on food rather than gossip? What if you are looking for a place to store and share recipes? Say, what if you’re a cocktail …
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NYMM: Falcao’s Manchester United Nightmare Continues

Chelsea defeated Manchester United 1-0 at Stamford Bridge Saturday, all but confirming their third league title under manager Jose Mourinho. Though they have not mathematically eliminated their competition, as Mourinho continues to point out in interviews, the Blues need just eight points from their last six matches in order to cement their position at the …
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NYMM: NYMM’s 2014-2015 NBA Award Picks

Part two of the NBA season is officially underway. The playoffs got off to a hot start this past weekend and the road to the NBA Finals is looking like it will be an entertaining one for both conferences, based on first impressions.  Now that the regular season is behind us, who will be recognized …
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NYMM: Weird NYC: The Oddest Finds

If you’ve lived in New York City for any amount of time, or if you’ve even visited anything past the tourist-filled Times Square, you know there’s plenty of weird stuff lurking just around the corner at any given point in our dear city. Whether it’s a secret treasure trove to be found or the best …
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NYMM: Letter from the Editors: Spring is Finally Here!

 Daniela Bizzell, Lead Editor New Yorkers are known for their hard exterior, their rough-around-the-edges character, and their overall aggression. In the below freezing temperatures of winter, this fun personality that we New Yorkers have acquired only becomes heightened. However, there is a magical moment in New York City when winter finally gives way, cherry blossoms …
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Dose of Reality: Madonna: An Object of Ageism

Madonna’s spontaneous on-stage smooch with Drake has caused quite a stir in the media this week. A writer for the Sydney Morning Herald shares her take on the controversy: Earlier this week a beastly old hag planted one on a hot young rapper and the world screwed up its collective face and in grand, whiney unison went: …
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